We're back, AND MARRIED!

Hi everyone, we're back AND MARRIED. Everyone keeps asking me what it feels like. It doesn't feel much different, just like before but better. I'm very much looking forward to treasuring my new wife forever.

Thank you everyone that helped on the day as well as the days leading up. The day went perfectly and that's thanks to everyone that helped us out. Everything from running errands, making place settings, shovelling, making decorations and dressing the hall to every single other little thing that happened. I also understand that there was a lot of help happening that we never realised until after the day. So I'd like to offer a huge thank you to everyone that helped, and also to those that made the trip to help us celebrate our special day.

We've got a handful of photos on Facebook, and we'll get a best-of-the-best collection up here eventually too. We've got a bunch of photos from friends and family, but if you have some we'd love to have a look at them. Feel free to email them to rick@nextadventure.co.nz (less than 20mb at a time) and let us know if they're just for us to see or if you're happy for them to be posted here.

Note to self: next time we're in Golden Bay, I'll have to remember to finally show Nicky the Labrinth Rock Parks.