In recent weeks Golden Bay (and the wider Nelson/Bays area) have had massive rainfalls and severe flooding. We're happy to hear that despite all the destruction to property and people's livelyhoods that nobody has lost their life.

We also heard that Pohara Beach Top 10 Holiday Park (where most people have booked their accommodation) had more than a couple of cabins affected by the muddy deluge. However they've gotten back to us and let us know that all the cabins will be fully functional again by the time we all arrive in February.

If you still need to book accommodation, be sure to see Pohara Beach Top 10 Holiday Park.

We're tenting because that's what we're all about but we asked to get put as close as possible to the cabins where many of you are staying. Don't worry, we won't be there for the wedding night, we're at the beach house for the wedding night.